In 2005 Craig Oliver pleaded guilty to having defrauded dozens of Washington, D.C.-area homeowners out of roughly $2.6million dollars. But before a judge could send him to the big house, Oliver disappeared and was the subject of a national search by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for years.

Over a decade later, the FBI announced this week that Oliver is believed to be living outside of Los Angeles area where he worked as a home renovation consultant. Along with his wife, Jennifer Oliver, the pair have been operating under a variety of names, continuing to take advantage of homeowners.

Oliver, starting in 2002, would use fraudulent business licenses to get clients to hire him for home renovation projects, have them pay him, and then run off with the money having never completed any projects. After 10 complaints from homeowners, the Maryland Home Improvement Commission began to pick up on Oliver’s shady actions which later involved a total of 68 homeowners in Virginia and Maryland.

Oliver and his wife were recently featured on the CNBC show “American Greed,” which were followed by tips to the FBI on the couple. Following up on the tips, the FIB visited a business tied to the couple only to find out that the couple had picked up a check and told employees they were moving away.

The couple is still on the run and a judge has ordered Oliver to a 20-year prison sentence.

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