On behalf of 75 New Jersey residents, the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs has filed a six-count complaint against a contractor for having performed shoddy work, damaging homes, and never completing the work he promised he would do.

Residents in six counties have filed the complaint against Charles L. Johnston, Jr., and his four home improvement companies. The complaint is aimed to get back the money customers lost, civil penalties, and court costs. The complaint also hopes to get rid of Johnston’s business and ban him from owning or operating a home improvement company in the state.

Between January 2012 and April 2016, the complaint alleges that Johnston:

  1. Accepted payments, began home improvement projects, and then abandoned them
  2. Provided clients with contracts that did not adequately represent the total cost of the project
  3. Completed projects with shoddy workmanship and failed to make necessary repairs
  4. Completed work that failed inspections
  5. Charged customers for additional work and materials that were not originally specified in contracts
  6. Took money for project permits he never sought out

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