WDMA To Press Congress for Curbs on Lead-Paint Rule

Members of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association†will press members of Congress on March 18-20 to support legislation that would enable most Americans to opt out of mandatory tests for lead-paint dust when crews work on older homes, WDMA's chairman said. Read more

EPA Postpones Exterior Commercial Building Lead Rules

Public information meetings to be held this winter to seek input from small-business advocacy review panel on LRRP rules for commercial renovations. Read more

Is it Nov. 6 Yet?Is it Nov. 6 Yet?

How do the candidates stand on the issues affecting business? Hereís a quick... Read more

ByLaw: Next up: Installers on Strike? New Labor Ruling ByLaw: Next up: Installers on Strike? New Labor Ruling

Remodelers doing over $500,000 in annual volume must post the new notice of employees labor rights in a conspicuous location. Read more

Within Limits: Build Protections Into Your Subcontracts

You are responsible for what happens on your jobsites, but your subcontracts can protect you from subcontractor negligence and faulty workmanship. Read more

EPA Issues Fines for Lead Rule Violations

One company pays nearly $20K for failing to provide information ó i.e., the agency's "Renovate Right" brochure ó to some homeowners. That company is not alone. Read more

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