Karen King
Home ReBuilders
Big50 1989

If you are looking for a book to wake you up and make you think about how you approach your business — and life, for that matter — I highly recommend Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Ram Charan, Charles Burck, and Larry Bossidy. Talk about making things happen in your business. It is an approach where you practice/participate in what you preach. Larry Bossidy is chairman and former CEO at Honeywell International, former CEO at AlliedSignal, and was an executive at GE. This book has a winning and successful formula for any business and, I think, everyday life.

Barbara Rose
S.N. Peck, Builder
Big50 2004

I recommend Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton. The authors focus on enhancing people's strengths rather than eliminating their weaknesses. It explains how to build a “strengths-based” organization by capitalizing on the fact that such traits are already present among those within it. Everyone's role at my company is unique and meaningful. This business strategy correlates with the principle that your business will grow as your people do.

Jason Asmar
The Burke Company
Big50 2002

I recommend The Remodeler's Guide to Making and Managing Money by Linda Case. It really breaks down in simple terms the bookkeeping necessary to be able to track a successful remodeling company. It also explains finances in easy terms, so you don't need a degree in bookkeeping to understand it.