Camera Ready From estimating jobs to e-mailing clients with up-to-date project photos, "the camera is in such demand that we've needed to create a scheduling calendar to reserve it for use," says Dennis Gehman. The camera saves the company money on film and allows users to see, re-shoot, and save photos before leaving the jobsite. It includes a zoom feature, three photo quality levels, and an upgradeable memory card.

Remodeler: Dennis D. Gehman, CR, CLC
Company: Gehman Custom Builder, Harleysville, Pa.
Product: Nikon 990 digital camera,

Nail It

Installers at Magnotta Builders and Remodelers used to face a tough decision when installing joist hangers: hold the hanger nails by hand and risk hitting their fingers or tediously hold each nail with a needle point vice grip. Paslode's Positive Placement Tool, specifically designed for securing fasteners into a variety of metal hardware, changed all that. "I witnessed one of our subcontractors using this tool and was amazed with the speed with which they could install all types of metal hangers and fasteners," says Jim Magnotta. "The quantum increase in installation speed of metal hangers and fasteners will pay for this tool in a short period of time." Remodeler: Jim Magnotta, CGR
Company: Magnotta Builders and Remodelers, Lansing, Mich.
Product: Paslode Positive Placement Tool,

Through the Roof

After installing more than five dozen fixed and vented Velux skylights, David Tyson has never had a callback. "I know that if I put a hole in the roof, I can guarantee that it won't leak," he says. The units also boast easy installation and a range of electric options, including shades and rain sensors.

Remodeler: David Tyson, CR, CLC
Company: David Tyson amp; Associates, Charlotte, N.C.
Product: Velux skylights,