Remodeler: Mike Kilpatrick
Company: Henninger Media Services, Arlington, Va.
Product: ProSite Protractor.

For contractor Mike Kilpatrick, the ProSite Protractor from Starrett means finishing jobs faster and making clients happier. He has Marc Shapiro, fellow contractor and inventor of the ProSite Protractor, to thank. Shapiro introduced the product to Kilpatrick in 2003.

The Protractor's two scales are designed to eliminate guesswork and inaccuracy when measuring angles. The red scale and arrow show the angle for a miter joint; the black arrows and scale provide the angle setting for a simple crosscut. Because both scales compensate for the fact that power miter saw scales read “zero” for a 90-degree cut, you can set your saw directly to the angle you read on the ProSite.

“It is the highest quality tool of its kind and is simply more accurate than any other,” says Kilpatrick. He particularly likes the high finish quality and the easy readability of the scale. “Owing to its accuracy, it allows me to finish cuts faster and easier,” Kilpatrick says. “This allows me to finish my projects faster, saving me time and my clients money.”