The Great Cover-Up Remodelers: Stephanie and Frank Zehna

Company: Christian Roofing & Remodeling, Athens, Ga.

Product: Hallett Gutter Cover.

In the roofing business for more than 10 years, Stephanie and Frank Zehna know that clogged gutters mean call-backs. That's why they install the Hallett Gutter Cover, a flat cover with a small curve at the bottom that lets water flow through while keeping out debris. “The thing we like most is its simple design,” Stephanie says. Its performance surpasses the screen-style covers that the Zehnas used to use.

“With some products,” she says, “you have to go back, check the clips, etc. [The Gutter Cover] isn't a very glamorous product, but once you put it up there, you'll never [get a callback] from the client again.” And the company's customer service is exemplary.

Another plus, Stephanie points out, is that “it's a high-margin product. Some companies mark it up exorbitantly, but we mark it up just a little and make a margin on it. It's a great add-on when we're doing a roof or even an exterior addition.”