Among respondents, a substantial number of remodeling company owners — formally trained or not — are designing projects. This is true whether a firm bills itself design/build (65.6% of respondents) or is a traditional remodeling company (34.4%).

Design work generates labor and overhead expenses, whether it's done in-house or by an outside source. When it comes to receiving payment for design services, however, many traditional remodelers and about a third of so-called design/build companies charge no fee at all, and consider design to be part of the cost of doing business.

Designing It — Who, How, How Much Traditional Remodeling The following questions were asked of the 34.4% of respondents who said they do not provide in-house design.

Design/Build The following questions were asked of the 65.6% of respondents who identified themselves as design/build.

Do employees of your company design the projects you build?

Average job size for all respondents:

Who designs most of the projects you build?

Do you charge a fee for any of the services you provide while plans are being designed? (select all that apply)

Does your company charge separately for the design-related services you provide?

How does your company participate in designs provided by others?

Who does most of your company's design work?

For most projects, how does your company cover the costs of design?

Of the projects your company designs, how many do not get built by your company?

Does your company ever sell the design to a client for an additional fee?

How does your company pay staff architects/designers?

What other responsibilities do your company's designers have within your company? (select all that apply)

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