Between liability insurance, workers' compensation, and backed-up hard drives, your business is well protected. But do you also take steps to protect your clients' investments, particularly while crews are on site? Taking just a few extra minutes to cover a bathtub or lay carpet film goes a long way toward keeping homes and fixtures looking great through installation. Blake Products PCS also believes that the boost your company image gets from these simple steps will bring you more work.

“We find most of our customers are remodelers who realize they need to set a professional standard in order to get referrals,” says Ray Blake, CEO. In combination, Blake's company calls its products an Image Enhancement Surface Protection System. Items such as the corrugated cardboard Tubwrap, Counterwrap, and others are reusable and are finding their way to more jobsites.

Blake Products PCS can print your company logo on protective materials for unique  branding.
Blake Products PCS can print your company logo on protective materials for unique branding.

Patricia Mullen agrees. “We've been in business about three years and it's just taking off,” says the president of Builder's Site Protection. “We originally had a lot of interest from production builders, but as the housing market has changed, we're seeing more remodelers and general contractors taking an interest.” The company's TubSkin product protects damage-prone tubs with a thick layer of puncture- and water-resistant polyethylene foam. A unique feature lets trade workers cut out the center panel to fit the bottom of the tub, allowing workers to stand in the tub, while still protecting the tub bottom from chips and stains. Also, wording printed on the company's Toilet Sheath product reminds English- and Spanish-speakers that the toilet is for homeowner use only.

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