Product Extra: New and Improved

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New products from California Faucets, CalStar, Festool Genova, Green Fiber, Monzi, MTI Whirlpools, and Omnia.

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From California Faucets' stylish shower drains to upgraded sanding discs from Festool, the new products in this week's online slideshow (at left) offer features that set them apart from similar products on the market. CalStar's fly ash bricks use just a tenth of the energy to manufacture compared to fired clay bricks, and Monzi's polyurethane insert helps gutters run smoothly without the need for contraptions that alter the gutter's outward appearance. You'll also find stylish new door levers from Omnia, GreenFiber's fire-resistant attic insulation, PVC railing from Genova Products, and a focal-point solid-surface double sink from MTI Whirlpools.