Cutting repair time from a couple of days to a couple of hours can mean getting to more profitable jobs faster. Steve Klitsch likes Sheetrock's Easy Sand joint compounds because they set so quickly — from 10 minutes to a few hours, depending on the formula — that he doesn't have to return for a second day to finish. “It allows us to patch drywall and plaster holes, punc-or three days,” he says. Another plus: it can be sanded and primed right after it cures. Easy Sand replaced another manufacturer's product that Klitsch used to use, which cured quickly but was difficult to sand. That added an extra step — putting regular joint compound on top in order to sand and smooth the surface. Klitsch also uses the product to tape Durock seams. Easy Sand is said to work well in humid weather, and it weighs 25% less than conventional setting-type joint compounds, according to the manufacturer

The results Klitsch gets from Easy Sand have made him a true believer. “It's helped us become more efficient, more profitable, and more effective because we can do a repair in one day instead of making extra trips.”

Remodeler: Steve Klitsch
Company: Creative Concepts Remodeling, Germantown, Md.
Product: Sheetrock Easy Sand joint compounds
Product Web site: