Sales of windows and patio doors in the U.S. and Canada currently stand at $8.3 billion and will grow by 7% annually through 2017,  Principia Consulting predicts in its newest market report.

This market growth comes as a result of homeowner desire for new products and innovative features and as homeowners focus on using windows and patio doors to create an indoor-outdoor living spaces, the suburban Philadelphia-based research and consulting firm said in its report, which became available earlier this month. 

This Principia report combines primary research with voice of the customer insights from surveys conducted among more than 1,000 value chain participants and homeowners. Those polls helped Principia determine the most popular options for upgrades among home owners for windows and patio doors.  For windows, the most popular upgrades, in order, were Energy Star ratings, glass unit type, and style/hardware/frame material. For patio doors, the most popular options were Energy Star ratings, and material and integrated blinds/shades tied for second. 

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