It's been a little over a month since Pokemon Go launched and sucked everyone back into Pokemania like its 1999. But the popular augmented reality app is being used in creative ways, and Spencer Powell, marketing director at Builder Funnel, thinks using it as a marketing tool can help Design/Build remodeling firms "evolve" their marketing. His main takeaways are utilizing in game "lures" to attract a greater volume of pokemon at locations like an open house or showroom, and then advertising that fact:

You’ll attract a lot more people to your location. You may be thinking that none of these people are your target market. That’s probably pretty accurate. Most of them won’t be, but a few might. What you’re really going for here is a branding play and a possible PR play. If you get enough people to your location as well as talking about it online, you could attract a news station or a journalist. By embracing the Pokémon Go wave, you’ll build some goodwill in the community by offering snacks, drinks, and some interesting news.

It's true that Pokemon Go is making headlines worldwide. Is the trend sustainable? Users are dropping off, but there's still a sizable amount of people playing. Click on the link below to read all of Powell's tips over at Remodeler's Advantage.

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