Gary Moffie had already expanded The Remodeling Co. in Beverly, Mass., from $500,000 to a few million in revenue, but knew that if he wanted to continue on this path, he would need help. As part of his plan to surround himself with good advisers, he replaced his accountant with a more proactive firm. He set up a meeting with Mike Brown, senior partner with Brown & Brown in nearby Boston, and after a two-hour discussion, Moffie knew it was a good match.

Though Moffie was not specifically looking for a firm specializing in construction accounting and finances, he found one in Brown & Brown. The firm typically deals with construction companies larger than The Remodeling Co., so it is familiar with a range of industry issues.

The staff at Brown & Brown provide advice during quarterly financial reviews, such as recommending that Moffie take advantage of an IRS tax code by purchasing new vehicles. And, despite the accounting firm's large size, Moffie feels comfortable calling anytime with questions.

Moffie is looking to them for help with his goal of increasing net profit. “You need advisers who can grow with you and help you look at numbers,” Moffie says. The firm also helped Moffie look into the future and view his business as an asset worthy of a succession plan.