The competitive market underscores the importance of avoiding behaviors that frustrate homeowners. Marla Selko, owner of Urban Referrals, has distilled those pet peeves into six general areas:

  • Slow follow-up. Respond quickly to inquiries, preferably within 24 hours.
  • Unkept promises. Set and meet your own deadlines, but be sure to work sufficient time into those schedules.
  • Ambiguity. Frankly discuss budget and time frame, and ask if there are any events that could affect the schedule.
  • Mutual mystification. Don't presume that each party understands the other's concepts of schedule, design, or anything else orally discussed. Put all details in writing, and jointly sign off on changes.
  • Avoidance. Own up to problems or surprises. There's nothing worse than bad news delivered at the last minute, Selko says.
  • Apples to oranges. Ask who else they're talking to, and be prepared to explain how you're different, especially if you cost more. Encourage them to check you out.

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