By Tim Faller Whatever your position, it's important to work well with your boss. Most remodeling companies are owned and managed by the same person. In some, however, a production manager oversees the field work. These tips apply to either person.

Give a full day for a full day's pay. This should be a given, but it bears repeating. Almost nothing you can do will endear you to a boss more than to work hard and at your full potential.

Improve yourself to improve the company. Self-improvement is a sign of commitment to the company and the industry. Take classes, buy tools, read magazines, and ask questions.

Take criticisms to your boss. Don't spread rumors or discuss problems and issues with co-workers. Take them to the boss with a problem-solving attitude. Ask questions and then hear the boss out. Sometimes changes can be made and sometimes they can't.

Respect your boss for the hard work he or she does running a company. Take time to discuss with your boss what she does, her hours, and the stress involved.

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Say thank you. The most important part of a good relationship with anyone is to tell the other person that you appreciate him or her. --Tim Faller, Field Training Services,