As the administrator of the Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence, Ken Kanline has special insight into the trials and tribulations of remodeling projects. He’s also a musician. Put those two things together and you get a set of humorous songs about remodeling, set to popular tunes. Kanline played the songs when he would emcee the Chrysalis Awards programs, and about seven years ago recorded them onto a CD called Measure Once, Cut Twice: Songs from the Jobsite.

The selection includes “Make Up Your Mind,” about indecisive clients, “I’m Missin’ My Remodeler,” which describes clients’ emotional attachment, and “The Porta John,” which praises the jobsite staple. “I wanted something to spice up the award ceremony. I wanted something that would be fun for them and fun for me,” he says.

The songs have been used by seminar speakers, radio hosts of a DIY morning show, and for a Habitat for Humanity slide show. All the songs are available for free download at—Nina Patel, senior editor, REMODELING.