Remodeling company owners tend to be very loyal and look at their employees as family members. These inclinations are noble.
What I see periodically in my work with remodelers is that the remodeling company has “outgrown” an employee (or employees). By “outgrown” I mean that the basic goals of the company and the company’s owner changed as time went by, while the employee has not changed or grown.
The owner is often working harder than he should be to try and accommodate the shortcomings of his employees. These shortcomings would not be holding the company back if the owner were focusing on the needs of his business and its clients.
I understand how hard it is to free up the future of an employee who was a good fit for the company in its early years. But is it really best for the employee to be allowed to continue to be employed at the company even though he has been left behind by the progress and changes the company has made?
All of this is easy to write but can be difficult to put into practice. Know that the times we had to let someone go were hard. But as soon as we did, everyone in the company felt better. Why? The obvious decision had been made and implemented, which lifts a weight off the backs of all who continue forward with the company.
Don’t believe me? There is only one way to find out.