In my work with small business owners (and sometimes their employees) I have observed many common challenges. One that can really hold a company back is the sense that a system, process, form, or procedure needs to be absolutely perfect before it is put into use. This mindset makes it so nothing ever gets done.

Instead, consider this notion: “Good Enough and Done” is much better than “Perfect but Never Done.”

When your business makes promises to its clients, perfection is not promised, as it is either unattainable or else clients don’t want to pay the extraordinary costs involved in achieving perfection.

Follow this stream of actions:

  • Formulate an idea for improving the way your company does something.
  • Get input from others.
  • Integrate the input (only that which improves your idea) into your idea.
  • Create a draft.
  • Distribute it for feedback and comments.
  • Adopt what makes sense.
  • Publish the system (or form, etc) and see how it works.

Practicing the “Good Enough and Done” philosophy and then actively using it will over time create a comprehensive body of systems and manuals that improve the value of your business. Don’t get stuck trying to make things perfect!