Three of Donald Trump's campaign strategies could help you get ahead of the competition.

  1. Trump uses new methods to promote himself to potential voters. Trump recognizes that the strategies his predecessors used to promote themselves weren't going to work for him and he wasn't afraid to try something new. If you've been trying to promote your company using the methods you've employed for years, and they haven't been as successful as they once were, it may be time to try a brand-new strategy.
  2. He is constantly changing his game plan and keeps his competition disoriented. Trump stays ahead of his competitors by quickly analyzing a situation, deciding how to act, and acting immediately. Then, while his rivals are playing catch-up, he's moves on to the next topic. Moving and acting quickly might not happen often in LBM, but adapting techniques to help you do so could keep you ahead of your competition.
  3. Trump has appealed to a select group of voters who felt neglected by Washington, D.C., politicians. As companies expand and grow, it can be easier for them to forget some of their customers. You can use that to your advantage by appealing to those forgotten clients, showing how your company is different, and bringing their business to your company.

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