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Here's the text used in Bennett Contracting's long-running online help-wanted ad aimed at attracting skilled carpenters who are burned-out from working for themselves. The ad isn't currently running online, so we've reformatted it here for you. Notice how the first bulleted list spells out the word “worrying." Thanks to Paul Gutman of Bennett Contracting, Albany, N.Y., for sharing the ad. – Leah Thayer, senior editor,

Working for Bennett Contracting Makes Sense! Lead Carpenters-Professional Remodelers

Are you tired of:

  • Working 80 hours per week! (No overtime pay.)
  • Out cash to pay the bills because you haven't been paid!
  • Running to Home Depot or coming home late without the sale!
  • Risking life savings because your account receivables, taxes, insurance costs are up.
  • Yesterday's bad weather cost you another day's pay!
  • Inconsiderate help that didn't show up again, so you had work more hours and late!
  • Not making another family outing, because of a long work weekend!
  • Gone (all the fun of building is gone, because you wear too many hats!)


We are a well known-professional contractor specializing in residential and commercial remodeling/renovation. We have thousands of customers, and most of our business comes from repeat customers or referrals. We do not want to turn away business! We are looking for a few outstanding individuals to become part of our team. We are looking for remodeling professionals that are outstanding at kitchens, bathrooms and additions.

You must have the following qualifications:

  • Clean license
  • Truck
  • Most all power and hand tools
  • +-10 years experience working in the building/remodeling industry
  • Customer oriented
  • Good references (customers, businesses, and character)
  • Able to work independently and as a team player

Yes we have some benefits: full-time work, good pay (and overtime), paid holidays/vacations, retirement program, cell phone, gas card, power tool maintenance/supplies program, tax-free health insurance programs available, safety program and equipment, some company clothing and company discounts.

But even more important than these features, let me tell you what makes our company so attractive and why people stay!

  • Family values and family time are important to us.
  • Every employee is important to us and valued.
  • Customer satisfaction comes before profit.
  • You can produce great projects, because our support staff helps you.
  • Independence: you're able to enjoy your work without the burdens of small business.
  • The company name is trusted, something you can be proud of!
  • You are appreciated and build security because of your talents.

If you want independence, security and rewarding work all at the same time, consider Bennett Contracting, Inc. Ask around! Talk to venders, suppliers, manufactures, homeowners, even our competition. Our reputation is a reflection of our employees. We have been remodeling the Capital District since 1915.