Employee training is often neglected. But there’s a clear link between company profitability and business owners who invest in employee training. Remodelers don’t have to spend a lot to improve employee skills. Here are some resources.

  • Industry publications: Have production team members subscribe. Each month ask one member to share ideas from an article. Randomly draw names so everyone reads ahead and is prepared.
  • Book clubs: Choose a book on topics such as customer service, communication, or dealing with difficult people. Read a chapter or two each week and discuss at your weekly meeting.
  • Associations: A great spot for networking with other remodelers as well as for learning from the speakers who present to these groups. Invite key managers to attend.
  • Peer groups: Think of the insights your project manager would gain by meeting with PMs from noncompeting companies. While this does require more of an investment, the return can be quick and impressive.
  • Social media: For key managers who are tech-savvy, find special-interest groups that discuss issues important to you and your team. Ask and answer questions for best results.
  • Audio/video: YouTube has an amazing array of short, well-done videos available on just about everything. View with your team to launch discussions about improving processes and procedures. (Here’s an example.)
  • Blogs and newsletters by business experts: No matter what you wish to improve on, there is an expert sharing information on that topic. Ask key employees to seek out one expert, subscribe to his or her newsletter or blog, and report their findings at company meetings.

—Victoria Downing is president of Remodelers Advantage. 301.490.5620. remodelersadvantage.com Read more from Victoria Downing.