Bret Oleksyn, president at  Odd Fellows Contracting, in Lansing, Mich., hosts quarterly subcontractor meetings at his office. 

The meeting is just one of several methods Oleksyn uses to educate his subs about the company culture and to help him deliver uniform customer service. “It gives the workforce a little insight into the management side, which really helps them when they are in the field representing our company,"  Oleksyn says.  "Every person is enforcing or detracting from the principles we sold that job on."

The one-hour meeting includes a catered breakfast. Oleksyn addresses policy changes and any other timely material. He also asks the subcontractors to suggest areas of improvement anywhere in the company's process.
The meeting gives subcontractors a chance to meet one another and discuss any jobsite issues — a framing sub who is making mistakes and leaving a mess for the drywall subs to deal with, for example.
Read more about Odd Fellows Contracting’s subcontractor relationships and see the company’s subcontractor code of conduct in GoodForm in the April 2013 issue. —Nina Patel is a senior editor at