Every year for some time now, I have taught a virtual class that currently is called “Getting Rid of the Tire Kickers.” Over the six sessions of the class, each step of the sales process, from first call to doing the job completion review (otherwise known as the “job autopsy”), is covered.

As part of the homework for the last session, I ask the attendees to note what they learned and what they will be doing differently because of having taken the class.Here is part of what Blaise McDonald, of MAC Renovations in Victoria, British Columbia, wrote:

“We constantly look for ways to improve our process. As a team we try and meet weekly (30 minutes maximum, with an agenda) to update everyone on each other’s progress and keep everyone in the loop. In these meetings we start out with a pipeline/lead report from each member. We usually end the meeting by trying to discuss and solve one issue, i.e. refining a change order process or marketing ideas. If something comes up that is off-topic it is put on the list to be dealt with another day. We call it rapidly inching forward. When we are super busy it is hard to get to the meetings, but this is usually when it is needed the most.”

Continuous improvement in a small business is a tough slog. My experience is that by doing what Blaise and MAC do--meet weekly, keep the meeting brief and focused, and follow through on the change(s) agreed to--your company would experience even more success in 2014 than it ever did before.

How can you find out?  Try it!