The 35-year trend of job growth in occupations that require higher levels of education, training and experience is poised to continue. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment in occupations requiring average to above-average training is expected to grow 7.9% between 2014 and 2024. Pew Research Center staffer Drew Desilver reports on expected job growth and which job requirements will see the greatest growth.

Desilver points out that jobs with social skills will also see a huge increase in comparison to those that don't require social skills, 8.1% to 4.4% respectively. However it a combination of below-average preparation and strong social skills that stand to gain the most:

...that group includes such jobs as orderlies, home health aides, physical therapy assistants and bartenders. Those jobs may not pay much – the 2015 median salary for occupations in this group ranged from $19,530 to $56,340 – but collectively they’re expected to grow 13.1% by 2024, about double the overall projected growth rate.

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