Some people in the office never see a finished job,” says Tony Wizner, owner of ABA Home Remodeling, Clifton, N.J. And even the people who do the framing, stone work, masonry, and trim work don't get to see the end result of projects they worked on.

To remedy that and boost company spirit, in 2005 Wizner hired a Greyhound bus and driver for a day. Every employee — about 23 people — and a few long-time customers, “10 to 15 raving fans,” he calls them, got on the bus to tour eight completed jobs.

For the field trip, Wizner chose mostly whole-house remodels and higher-end projects to visit. The client-owners loved it; many baked cookies for the occasion. The group stopped midday for a company lunch, and at day's end they enjoyed a buffet in the office conference room.

“Some of the guys had actually brought their cameras and were really excited,” Wizner says. “They realized it's not just block and masonry or two by fours. At the end of the day everybody plays a role in something that's spectacular.” Wizner says he's just about ready to book the 2007 tour.