The little things make you stand out from the competition. Here is an example.

Stanley Acton owns Acton Construction in Campbell, Calif. Stan sent this message to the members of his Remodelers Advantage Roundtables Group:

For the third time, I've had a customer tell me that what made a big difference in their decision to go with Acton was a table and chairs. When a customer has just bought a new house, and they want to get going on the process before the move in, they never seem to have a place to sit. So, on those calls, I bring a folding table and chairs.

What a simple thing to do. By bringing the table and chairs, Stan is showing--not just telling--the potential client that Acton is thoughtful and considerate. Acton is committed to making the client’s remodeling experience a positive one by doing unexpected little things.

What can your company do to stand out in your marketplace? What little thing will make the potential client feel you are committed to taking care of them?

Look at your world through the eyes of your potential clients. Just like Stan did.