In a new installment of Power Tips from Remodeler’s Advantage, host Victoria Downing asks whether you’ve outgrown the home office. While a home office has all the comforts of convenience--like no added payment for rent--having a home office could be hindering the growth of your business. Here are four out of the six warning signs that you may want to consider moving your home office and into a commercial space.

  1. Violating small zoning laws: Many cities and states have laws regarding small businesses on how many people can be working with you from a home, how much of your business takes over your home, etc. All of these are contributing factors can help you assess whether or not you are violating the law. If you are, it's time to upgrade.
  2. Your business has taken over your house: Downing says that if your house has been swallowed up by your business' endless paperwork, or your business is impacting the members of your family, it’s time to move shop elsewhere. This will allow you to separate your work life from your home life and keep you, and everyone else in your family, at ease.
  3. Your customers need to come to you: An occasional visitor is fine, but if you find that your business frequently gets customers needing to stop by, it’s time to have a central, more professional location for your clients to visit.
  4. You have young kids you’re taking care of: If you remove your work from your children, you can dramatically improve how much focus you give to your business and your kids. Moving to a commercial space will make the balancing act of parenting and business owner easier. Plus, once you’re off the clock you can focus greater attention to your kids without the distractions of having a business within your home.

What are the other warning signs that it may be time for you to move shop? Check out the rest of Downing’s tips via the video below.

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