Every year, thousands of workers injure their eyes or lose their sight —not because proper protection was unavailable but because they chose not to use it. You must protect your eyes from harmful rays or radiation, the splatter of hazardous liquids, molten metal, fumes or acid burns, and flying objects or particles.

Eyewash stations should be placed in potentially hazardous locations and first aid instructions should be posted in the immediate vicinity. Also keep a bottle of good quality eyewash in the first aid kit.

Eye and face protection must meet the following requirements.

  • Adequately protect for the hazard for which they were designed
  • Be reasonably comfortable when worn under their designated conditions
  • Fit snugly without unduly interfering with movements or vision
  • Be durable and kept in good repair
  • Be easy to clean and able to be disinfected
  • Be distinctly marked with manufacturer ratings for limits and precautions
  • These guidelines are an excerpt from the Tailgate/Toolbox Safety Meetings created by Safety Services in Corona, Calif., a company that provides customized safety training and support for small construction firms. Contact them at 866.204.4786 or www.safetyservicescompany.com.