With the recent natural disaster in Louisiana, close to half a million homes have been damaged, the governor's office estimates. Homeowners have been left stranded and remodelers across the country will be on the front lines in the recovery process.

Hurricane Ike 2008 photo courtesy of John Henderson
Hurricane Ike

Many of our readers have had firsthand experience working on homes in the wake of devastating storms such as Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, and Hurricane Ike, to name just a few.

So what advice do you have for remodelers and contractors who will have to rebuild communities? What was your experience like as a remodeler in the wake of such disaster?

If you were a remodeler during Hurricane Katrina, what advice can you provide to your Louisiana neighbors in Baton Rouge? Let us know.

REMODELING wants to hear stories about how remodelers have learned about what it takes to revitalize a home after devastation: working with FEMA, insurance claims, homeowners in distress, excessive water damage, and more. Leave us a comment below, or e-mail Helena Okolicsanyi hokolicsanyi@hanleywood.com