Home feature preference varies widely across generations, as BUILDER editorial director John McManus pointed out in his analysis of millennial needs. You might think millennials are more about modern condos in the city, but a recently-released result of a home preference survey by the National Association of Home Builders finds that most buyers, no matter how old they are, still consider single-family detached homes as their first choice. NAHB staffer Rose Quint explains,

"When it comes to the type of house they would like to buy, 65% of all buyers prefer a single-family detached home. Looking at the data across generations shows that a majority of each of the four groups also prefer that type of home, ranging from 72% of Gen X’ers to 55% of Seniors.

Although a majority – 64% – of all buyers in general would prefer a single-story home, it is important to point out that this trend is driven primarily by older buyers. Whereas 75% of Boomers and 88% of Seniors want one-floor living, the share is significantly lower among Millennials (35%) and just under half among Gen X’ers (49%).

Yet regardless of how many stories they may want in a new home, most buyers of all generations want the washer and dryer to be located on the first floor of the home. All combined, 68% of buyers want the laundry equipment on the first floor, an opinion shared by 51% of Millennials, 60% of Gen X’ers, 74% of Boomers, and 83% of Seniors."

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