Skilled remodeling professionals fear that the next generation will be unable to fill their shoes, according to a HomeAdvisor survey. HomeAdvisor surveyed 282 U.S. prescreened professionals within their network covering remodeling, plumbing, electrical, HAVAC, roofing, and contracting projects.

Survey respondents said that one of the barriers preventing a younger generation from entering into a skilled labor career was a lack of educational resources, mentorships, and apprenticeships for this skilled profession. An overlying concern, the survey revealed, is that there are plenty of jobs available for skilled workers. Yet, the younger generation lacks the adequate skill set to fill those roles. Businesses are worried that a lack of exposure and negative perceptions will hinder a younger generation from entering the workforce. 61% of those surveyed say that they agree that “there is a lack of exposure to skilled labor professions for younger generations.”

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