Production crews are the first line of defense in remodeling. clients and subcontractors on a daily basis. About 70% of our re-Not only must they have good construction skills, but they spondents say the company owner handles day-to-day field manage-need strong communication skills to successfully management, while 23% say a production manager oversees the work.

Do you allow a lead carpenter to choose his/her own crew?

Do you pair a new field employee with a specific carpenter on your staff?

Does your crew gather at the office in the morning or go straight to their assigned jobsite?

Why do they gather at the office one morning per week? (choose all that apply)

For each of the following job descriptions, what is the most important skill needed to advance to the next level?

Do you have a formal training program for your field crew?

How often does your crew meet for classroom training?

How often does your crew meet for construction or hands-on training?

Do you have a formal promotion plan for your field crew?

Why do you not have a formal promotion plan? (choose all that apply)

What is the main advantage of allowing lead carpenters to select their own crews?

“Sometimes this eliminates problems with workers who don't get along or have different work methods. Then they are a true team of their own and tend to work more fluidly.”
Angie Baker, ATC, LLC, Cleveland, Ohio

“The men are loyal to that lead and have better results in getting work done.”
Chris Harris, Harris Remodeling, Calumet City, Ill.

“If the lead is responsible for the entire project he has to live and die with the people that he surrounds himself with. It shows a level of trust that you have given and invested in him.”
Gregory A. Flor, G's Design & Const. Ser., Minneapolis

What is the main disadvantage of allowing leads to select their own crews? “Must be monitored to make sure that the crews are formed in the best interest of the company — i.e., friendship-based teams versus balanced teams. Training of new workers must also be a consideration.”
Daniel Griffin, Griffin & Associates, Mundelein, Ill.

“They pick their buddies to whom they spend more time talking than working.”
Robert Myers, Icon Remodeling, Salt Lake City, Utah

What other skill is most important to advance to the next level? “People skills, attitude, and willingness to learn.”
Mike Ellery, S. J. Janis Company, Wauwatosa, Wisc.

“Remodeling as a career requires passion for what we do. If there is no creative passion, then it's just a job and there's little room for growth.”
Rick Hjelm, Phase II General Contracting, Lakewood, Wash.

How often does this person visit jobsites to check on job progress?