Planning Time After the transfer of information from sales to production, the lead carpenter should spend time setting up the job, both in his mind and on paper.

Use a checklist. A detailed checklist will keep the lead on track and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Company time. The lead should take time to step away from the current job to prepare for this project.

Review paperwork. The lead should carefully critique the information received, make a list of what's missing, and ask the salesperson about it before the job begins.

Schedule the job. The lead should develop an accurate paper schedule. All the subcontractors should be contacted and given a schedule for their portion of the job.

Material lists. The lead should make a list of all materials. This list can be faxed to a supplier and used as a starting place for the actual orders, especially for products that have a long lead time.

Site visit. This shows the actual conditions. It helps to know the location of the Dumpster, material delivery, and entry to the house before the job begins. —Tim Faller, Field Training Services,