By Tim Faller. Anyone who has stepped on a nail, cut a finger, or been seriously injured knows that accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Most jobsite accidents involve situations that could have been controlled with little or no expense and can be prevented if workers pay attention to these areas:

Housekeeping. Keep the site free of hazards such as boards with nails sticking out and improperly stacked lumber piles. Clean up the jobsite and sweep the floors on a daily basis.

Fall Protection. Eliminate fall hazards with proper ladder use and by using harnesses and ropes. Take time to set up barriers on all platforms and install a toe rail to prevent tools from falling. Barriers on window openings are also important.

Personal Protection. Workers should wear safety glasses, boots, and proper clothing at all times, use hardhats when appropriate, and have gloves handy for carrying and handling rough objects.

Safe Equipment. All tools should be inspected and repaired immediately when they are damaged. No one should be allowed to remove guards from saws or the safety on a nail gun. Workers should also use fully intact extension cords and grounded equipment. --Tim Faller, Field Training Services,