Daily Planning Form The key to staying on schedule and eliminating costly forgetfulness is to use a form to carefully plan your project, day by day. The plan will help you keep track of ordering materials, schedule subcontractors in a timely manner, give clients notice for decisions they have to make, and inform your manager of manpower needs. You should include the following on your form:

Plans for tomorrow. This section should lead to an inventory of the materials you have on site. If what you need is not available, you can pick up the materials you need or change the plan to complete a part of the project for which you have materials.

Plans for three days from now. This should lead to an inventory of materials that you will need, so you can order them enough in advance for delivery —saving you a trip to the lumberyard.

Plans for one or two weeks from now. This will allow you to not only schedule materials deliveries but also allow scheduling of subs and in-house manpower and information gathering from clients.

A checklist of typical materials and subs. The checklist format will prompt you to think of every possible item or person, so nothing is forgotten. — Tim Faller, Field Training Services, www.leadcarpenter.com.