Over the next five months, we will discuss the five pieces of paper that every lead carpenter should complete. This month, we'll start with the Daily Job Log. It is a record of information that arises from the jobsite. The log is important for several reasons. First, it documents what really happens on the site -- the calls that are made and the conversations that take place. If information is not recorded, it can contribute to problems later in the project. Second, conflicts between the client, remodeler, or sub can often be resolved by looking at the log. The written record will often jog memories of the real events. And last, when conflicts lead to legal action, the log becomes the official record of what happened.

Here's a list of what to include:

* Job name and date

* The name of the person who completes the information

* Weather conditions

* Attendance of subs and employees who worked on the site

* List of those who visited the site, including architects, clients, and potential clients

* Important calls, including scheduling subs or ordering materials

* Notes on conversations with the client, subs, and the office. --Tim Faller, Field Training Services, www.leadcarpenter.com. Jobsite Paperwork, Part 2