iI is not just buildings that have a circle of life. Your business must also be restored or rehabilitated to march with modern business standards. Coach Gary Micheloni gives tips on the best ways for you as business owner to modernize your business and bring it into the digital age.

His advice goes beyond just getting a website for your business. One of the first steps that he advises is for you to check Google Maps because they may be looking for you to claim your business:

Here’s a freebie: make sure you claim your spot on Google Maps. How? Just type your company name into Google and you should see an entry on the right side of the page showing a map to your business and maybe a photo of it or a project of yours. Very important: if, in the middle of the Google Maps listing, you see a sentence that says, “Claim this business,” it means that Google is looking for you! It also means that you have some “rehab” work to do there.

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