Are you and your clients ready for the upcoming storm season? For our sister site Replacement Contractor, Dave Mayo advises you to look back on your past storm restoration work and learn from it to remove uncertainty. Mayo gives out pointers to combating storm season.

  1. Before storm season begins, gather your workers together to talk about how you handled last storm restoration season. Did they feel supported? Were things communicated in an effective and clear way? During this time bring your crew up to date on OSHA standards and what is expected of them. Plus, based on past performance, Mayo says you should designate tasks based on who is good at each job and who may need additional training.
  2. Make a pro-con list of the businesses you partner up with during storm restoration season. Assess whether or not you should continue those partnerships and share notes on what you did well and what you can improve on.

Every storm event is a learning opportunity. The contractors who are successful at these storm remediation projects make it a point to be aware of what they are doing every step of the way, document what they are doing, and take advantage of all the input they can enlist when the season’s work is done.

To read all five pointers on ways you can assess your company’s storm damage operations before crisis strikes, click below.

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