Remodelers who install Alcoa Home Exteriors Mastic siding products have a new training tool at their disposal: Alcoa KnowledgeWorkx. The program is a combination of instructor-led classes at the KnowledgeWorkx Resource Centers, ProTrain Seminars, the A+ Education Series training tapes and workbooks, and E-Class online training modules -- all designed for contractors and builders, as well as dealer and distributor sales staff.

Training modules range from product knowledge, installation, and jobsite safety to lead-generation and sales topics. The star of the KnowledgeWorkx resource program is the HouseWorkx mobile classroom -- a traveling training facility housed inside a 53-foot semi trailer that contains a plasma video display, full-size installation mock-ups of Alcoa's siding and accessories products, and classroom space. The HouseWorkx rig visits Alcoa Home Exterior distributorships, where remodelers and other contractors can sign up for and attend the sessions. Remodelers and their crews can get hands-on training in safety, repairs, and installation of Mastic products, as well as training in in-home sales.

"HouseWorkx brings all the benefits of the KnowledgeWorkx program directly to our distributors and contractors," says Larry Banas, director of training for Alcoa. "If you can't send your people to training, HouseWorkx will bring hands-on training to you."

Remodelers can sign up for HouseWorkx training at their Alcoa distributor's facility. The KnowledgeWorkx program also provides an online library of industry-related media resources available for purchase through and Alcoa product-related newsletters.