Customers of a home remodeling business have been left high and dry after Home Expo Design Center in south Nashville, Tenn. unexpectedly closed its doors. The close left a half a dozen customers with incomplete home remodeling projects and out thousands of dollars. Stacy Shabby, Home Expo Design Center’s owner, attempted to file for bankruptcy last December, but her file was denied. Without warning, Shabby closed the doors of the business and stopped answering phone calls. Prior to closing, Home Expo Design Center had earned an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, along with other poor ratings found online.

Gerry Marshall, a Home Expo Design Center customer, had his kitchen gutted and is awaiting for repayment on the $10,000 deposit he and his wife put down for the project. Speaking with WBRC, Marshall doesn’t know what he’ll do now,

This is money we have scrimped and saved for. We didn’t want to take a loan, this is our money. If we retire, we don’t want a note over our head. We don’t want to do it again.
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