Croom Construction has paired up with its subcontractors to offer in-house training for 16 superintendents. The Vero Beach, Fla., company hosts a lunch and afternoon training session every two months. David Croom asks each of his A-list subs to teach one class on his or her trade.

For a minimal investment of renting a local classroom facility and buying sandwiches or pizzas, Croom says he receives a great return: “The more you know about each component, the better super you will be. The better trained your supers, the better the outcome of your jobs,” he says.

The subs are happy to have the opportunity to make sure the people they deal with on a daily basis have better information on their specialty. They are given an outline of a lesson that includes codes, the top 10 things to look for when evaluating their trade, and shortcuts tradespersons might take.

Once the company completes a cycle of trades, it begins again. “Just like with safety programs, it is information everyone has heard before, but repeating it keeps it in the forefront of their minds,” Croom says.