(Photo by Giulio Di Sturco/Getty Images)
Giulio Di Sturco (Photo by Giulio Di Sturco/Getty Images)

Renovating a home can not only cause financial burdens, but also martial ones. Yibada reports on how couples in China are filing for divorce following home renovation projects. Ding Dang, an interior decorator based in Shangai, says that Chinese couples often have a difficult time agreeing on how to renovate their apartments and that parents tend to meddle in the couple’s decision-making process. Sometimes the family meddling can get so bad that the couple ends up filing for divorce.

As Ding told Yibada,

"From my experience, many people get very stressed, anxious and frustrated during this process. They often worry about the quality of the workmen and if everything is being done correctly. They worry about the cost. It's easy to get irritated during the lengthy process.”

Ding also noted that clients often have an unrealistic idea of what it takes to complete home improvement projects, but that shouldn't be a reason for couples to divorce.

Do you have any stories of clients calling it quits after a home improvement project? Let us know in the comments.

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