Paul Winans’ latest column for Remodelers Advantage on how you can maintain being on top in an ever changing market.

In the remodeling business, many significant changes take some time to provide improved performance to a company. Consequently, there is no immediate gratification, making sticking with the change hard to do...A while ago I worked with a company that made extensive changes following my visit. It took nine months for them to realize fully the results of the changes they made.

Now they are producing projects with no slippage and at a higher GP% than they ever thought possible.
It takes courage, and it takes patience.The alternative? A slow slide into oblivion.

Figure out the big “opportunities” your company has. Make a list. Pick the one that will provide the most benefit in the LONG RUN. Then implement it. Get ready to be running a better company than you ever imagined. And be patient in the meantime.

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