The pressure of pleasing homeowners and bosses, of meeting deadlines, delivering products, and creating works of art can take a dangerous toll on almost anyone's mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Here are some tips for avoiding burnout:

Recognize the symptoms. These include mental fatigue, “end of your rope” feelings, being easily irritated by simple problems, or general unhappiness with your job situation. If these symptoms persist more than a few days, you may be heading down the wrong path.

Enjoy other hobbies. Your body and brain need time to shift gears. Find a hobby that does not involve remodeling, and do it regularly.

Don't take it personally. Criticism, real or perceived, can have an impact over a period of time. Realize that clients, bosses, and co-workers have their own troubles that they might take out on others. Whatever the problem is, it's not always because of you.

Find a better environment. If you still find yourself experiencing feelings of burnout, it may be time to look for a position that better fits your needs and talents. There are many types of companies and bosses, and you should be able to find the right match for you. —Tim Faller, Field Training Services,