Who'll Be There For You Now? We knew that the series finale of Friends would result in more business for movie theaters and bowling alleys on Thursday nights. But who would have guessed that remodelers would be affected as well?

According to a recent survey conducted on behalf of Lowe's, 38% of women familiar with the show (are there any who aren't?) said that Monica — the anal retentive neat freak played by Courteney Cox — best exemplifies their personal decorating style. Nearly 30% of men identified with Joey's bachelor pad panache.

The significance and utility of this information are unclear —except to say that people are taking television shows just a bit too seriously, no?

Too Close for Comfort You know how annoyed you get at your husband's snoring or the gargling sound your wife makes when she brushes her teeth? You put up with it because you love your spouse, or for the sake of the kids, or because he's elderly and rich.

It's a different story when it's total strangers. When 20 Los Angeles loft owners tired of hearing their neighbors watching TV, snoring, and even (yuck!) using the bathroom, they took legal action. In the end, they were awarded a $1.32 million settlement to share. It seems that the builder, Decoma Industries, had failed to soundproof the walls and floors of the units in the Toy Warehouse Lofts.