It's been 16 years in the making. 16 years of rotating the Remodeling Show from the Northeast to the Midwest, creating a national buzz built on one successful event after another. We've created a following of 10,000 dedicated remodeling professionals who understand that to change their business, to reinforce their place in this multi-billion dollar market, they must stay ahead of the curve.

The Remodeling Show came to Las Vegas on October 9-12, and the staff of REMODELING Magazine was there, meeting with industry pros, attending key workshops and events, and taking in the latest products from the show floor. This page is your one-stop source for coverage: news from the show floor, slideshows of photos from the exhibition halls, the installation demos, and the product showcases.

In Remodeling "Town Hall," Remodelers Share Challenges

How do you control costs in a down market, or when job costs run over budget? What's the hardest part about growing your company? How do you motivate production staff? What's your opinion of cost-plus pricing? In a "town hall meeting" for remodelers, the owners of three successful but very different remodeling companies answered these and other questions from a capacity crowd of hundreds of attendees of the 2007 Remodeling Show in Las Vegas.

The Remodeler's Dual Roles

The difference between you and your clients is smaller than you might think.

Employees: Your Other Customers

There are two kinds of customers in remodeling: "external" and "internal" clients. External clients are the ones you traditionally think of when you think of your customers -- homeowners who contact your company to replace their windows, or remodel their bathroom, or put an addition on their house. Internal clients are your employees.

Blueprint for Kitchen Design

During the seminar "Blueprint for the Custom Crafted Kitchen," speaker Carol Lamkins covered the 9 centers that designers and remodelers should address in a kitchen design.

Selling Value, Not Price

It's no secret that the remodeling process is not a pretty one. It's invasive; it's time consuming; it's stressful; and it's expensive. But the remodeler who is able to take that same process and make it feel like something different entirely -- something exciting, easy, even enjoyable -- is the remodeler who will be able to charge what he is worth.