CHIA ROOFS Green Roof Blocks filled with live plants and “engineered growth media” make green roofing as easy as a walk in the park — at higher elevations. The green roof reduces storm water runoff, removes pollutants, improves air quality, and provides great insulation. The modular blocks, made from heavy-gauge aluminum sheet metal, measure 2 feet square. Green Roof Blocks. 314.972.8010.

POLYESTER BLEND Extren composite structural shapes and plates by Strongwell reduce thermal bridging. Made from fiberglass reinforcements and thermosetting polyester, the products come in many shapes and are corrosion-resistant, strong, lightweight, and dimensionally stable, the manufacturer says. Strongwell. 276.645.8000.

CUISINE SUPREME Produced in the Burgundy region of France, LaCanche Ranges come in several sizes with removable searing grills and griddle plates, plate-warming cabinets, and external rotisseries. The 18,000-BTU burners create an intense heat with gourmet control. Choose from 10 colors. LaCanche. 800.570.2433.