Mitsubishi. Three new models have been added to the Mr. Slim line of split-ductless air conditioning and heating systems. The MSZ09UN, MSZ12UN, and MXZ30TN are ideal for additions, sunrooms, and basements, according to the maker, because they allow users to heat or cool only the necessary spaces. The units feature a slim-line outdoor unit and one to three indoor units, depending on the model. 800.687.1966.

Orbit Manufacturing Co. The Nexans radiant heating cable is a durable, economical choice for interior floor warming and space heating and exterior snow and ice melting applications, the maker says. Its patented hidden welded splice feature has splice points marked to make installation easier and ensure safety. 800.522.3986.

SunTouch. Thermostats continue to get more elegant with the Programmable FloorStat. Available in 120vac and 240vac, the thermostat is easy to install and program, according to the maker, and has built-in fault protection with no need for a separate GFCI. Its three settings offer versatility: comfort, economy, and vacation, in temperatures ranging from 40 to 104 degrees. 417.522.6128.

Comfortmaker. The Performance 12 Series air conditioners offer 12 SEER efficiency. A coated inlet grille is corrosion-resistant and provides added protection for the condenser fins; a triple-step paint process provides weather-resistance. The top discharge condenser fan design keeps hot air away from grass and shrubbery. The models come with five-year parts and compressor limited warranties. 931.359.3511.

Heil. The 35-inch-tall PS80 gas furnace packs an energy-efficient punch into its compact frame. The line features multi-poise models that can be installed in upflow, downflow, or horizontal left or right configuration without the need for an accessory conversion kit. The furnaces come with a five-year limited parts warranty and a 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty. 931.359.3511.

A.O. Smith Water Products. Designed for installation with the ProMax Side Loop residential gas water heater, the ProMax Circulating Loop Heat Exchanger provides an isolated source of hot water for radiant floor heating, fan coil heating, hydronic air handling units, and other closed-loop applications. Two BTU output models are offered —28,000 or 52,000 — in four different vent options. 800.527.1953.

Nuheat. The MatComfort 82F is the only programmable thermostat specifically designed to meet the requirements of warming engineered wood and laminate surfaces, the maker says. The Energy Star qualified thermostat ensures that the floor is kept at or below 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Featuring sleek styling and a backlit display, the control offers “comfort” and “economic” settings. 800.778.9276.

SunStar. The Corcho line of vent-free gas room heaters now offers a 10-year limited warranty. Each model has an Oxygen Detection Safety Pilot, which shuts off the gas supply if oxygen in the room falls below 18%, and a Flame Failure Safety Device, which cuts off the gas supply in case of flame failure. The vent-free heaters have conveniently located gas inlets for relatively easy gas hook-up. 888.778.6282.

Wirsbo. Assuring hot water in seconds, the D'MAND hot water delivery system uses a pump to quickly deliver hot water to the desired plumbing fixture. Its structured plumbing layout uses the company's Aquapex system of PEX tubing in a loop that starts at the hot water supply line and returns to the heater where it ties into the main line. The pump turns off automatically when the hot water arrives at the fixture. 800.321.4739.

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