The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), in partnership with Century College, now offers online training for industry professionals. The curriculum is prepared and presented by the college and endorsed by the NKBA.

These courses are offered as a non-credit option and are entirely online. Students must have access to a computer with an Internet browser and e-mail capability, and must supply an e-mail address. Courses can be taken individually or as a full curriculum (prerequisites may apply).

Instructors post lessons and instructions to be completed weekly. Lab courses take five to 10 hours per week; other courses take three to six hours per week. Upcoming classes include:

KBD 1: Presentation Standards — 9 weeks (6 NKBA educational hours)
May 21 – July 13, 2007

KBD 2: Construction and Mechanical Systems for Kitchen and Bath Design — 9 weeks (4 NKBA educational hours)
May 21 – July 13, 2007

KBD 6: Advanced Kitchen and Bath Design — 8 weeks (6 NKBA educational hours) Prerequisites: KBD 1 Presentation Standards and KBD 3 Basic Kitchen and Bath Design
May 21 – July 13, 2007

Visit and click on the Education tab for more information on the cost and requirements for these online courses.